FAQs about Rubbee.


What is the maximum speed ?

Rubbee allows you to reach a maximum speed of 32 km/h.

How far can you go ?

There are 3 different options.

  • 1 battery : range of 16km.
  • 2 batteries : range of 32 km.
  • 3 batteries : range of 48 km.
Is Rubbee legal ?

Yes, RUBBEE is legal. However, for people wishing to use it with a speed higher than 25 km/h it is subject to a driving licence and must have a license plate.

What is the minimum age to ride with Rubbee ?

The minimum age is 14. However, from the age of 14 to 16, it is necessary to hold a category M licence. From the age of 16, this licence is no longer required for bicycles not exceeding 25 km/h.

Is it possible to control the power assist ?

Yes, there are 3 modes: Eco, Cruiser and Power. The Eco and Cruiser modes allow you to reach 25 km/h. The Power mode 32 km/h but is only available on the intensive version (when your Rubbee is equipped with 3 batteries).

Can I take it on the plane (in the cabin) ?

Yes but only with 1 battery inside the Rubbee, the other 2 batteries in your suitcase.

Will it wear out my tire ?

Very little. It has been designed with a specially developed polyurethane compound to guarantee the best contact between the tyre and the roller.

Can I use it if it rains ?

Yes, no problem at all.

Does Rubbee protect me like a mudguard ?

Almost. It protects you from 70% of mud and water.

Is wearing a helmet mandatory ?

Wearing a bicycle helmet is mandatory only for electric bicycles whose speed exceeds 25 km/h. However, we strongly recommend that you wear a helmet when you ride your bike, regardless of your speed.

Is it possible to increase the range of my Rubbee ?

Yes, it is possible to increase the autonomy by buying 1 or 2 extra batteries.

Can I use it on any bike ?

Yes, the size of your wheel must be between 16 and 29 inches (700), the width between 20 mm and 60 mm maximum and the size of the seat post between 22 mm and 35 mm maximum (standard size of most seat posts). Rubbee can be used on bicycles with rear suspension.

How to measure the wheel size ?

To determine your wheel size, look for the number just before the “X”. If this number is 26 then your wheel size is 26 inches. If this number is 28, 29 or 700 then your wheel size is 700C.

Is it possible to install it on a carbon seatpost ?
Yes it’s possible but it’s not recommended because you might bend it.
Is it possible to ride my bicycle without using Rubbee ?
Of course, that is not a problem. Just lift Rubbee up so that it no longer touches the rear wheel of your bike.
Is it possible to recharge when going downhill ?
Simply turn your pedals back one half turn and Rubbee will recharge. The more you regenerate, the further you go.
Is it possible to install Rubbee on a fixie ?
If we are talking about real fixies (where the rear sprocket is connected to pedals without freewheel and the pedals are still turning), then no, it won’t work. If we’re talking about regular bikes with pedal brakes, Rubbee works on them. However, its regenerative braking function will not work properly because the rear pedal brake usually only allows a 45 degree back pedal stroke, and for the sensor to register a regenerative braking function, a back pedal stroke angle of at least 90 degrees is required.
Can I do a test ride with my bike ?
Yes it’s possible, now you can also try Rubbee on one of our bicycles.
Is it necessary to purchase a charger per additional battery ?
Absolutely not, just use the Rubbee X base model charger which allows you to charge all the batteries at the same time.
Is it possible to purchase the Rubbee X basic kit and additional batteries at a later date ?
Yes, there is no problem with that.
Is it possible to ride with all 3 batteries at a maximum speed of 25 km/h ?
Yes, it’s possible.


Does my municipality offer subsidies ?

You should contact your local authority to find out how to purchase a new transformation kit to install an electric assistance on a bicycle. Certain restrictions are applicable depending on the commune.


How much does shipping cost? ?

It’s free.


How to make the payment ?

You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, PostFinance E-Finance or wire transfer if you prefer.


What is the warranty ?

2-year product warranty, 2-year battery warranty.

Any other questions? Send us an email!

For any other questions, please contact us at info@rubbee.ch or call us at +41 78 921 2526.